Sunday, 10 September 2017

A People with a Song - Exodus 15

Last week we heard of God's promise to rescue the Israelites from slavery. God did that, and they were led out! Yet God then led them to the edge of the sea, and the Egyptian army came closing in behind, facing them the choice of drowning or being over-run. God did something amazing, parting the waters for them to safely cross. The army chased, but the waters closed in killing most of the pursuers. The people could clearly see that they had been spectacularly rescued, and this chapter puts the story into song.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

A People Rescued - Exodus 3

This year we have been looking at the big overall story, with our theme 'His Story - Our Story'. God acting in the world He created, and us finding our place in it. We have looked also at stories of individuals and some families. Into this term we are now looking at the story of a whole people, a race, with God leading them on a journey, shaping them, preparing them for bigger purposes. Hence for the next few weeks we are considering "A People Called".

[UP] What is God's calling on your life?

Challenge: Be open to wonder!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Stories of Grace - Cornelius - Acts 10

Cornelius is a Roman soldier and a Gentile. Jewish people kept their distance from Gentiles, maintaining separation between clean and unclean. Yet Cornelius was searching for God, and he both prayed and gave to the poor.

[OUT] Is there any area where the Lord would want to shake up our views?

Challenge: Be open to God doing completely new things

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Stories of Grace: Esther - The conclusion

The evil Haman despised Mordecai and all the Jews. He got the King to declare a day on which the Jews should be attacked across the whole empire - he wanted them all dead, he wanted ethnic cleansing. Mordecai, Queen Esther and Jews fasted and prayed - would Esther be able to petition the King? The day came and the King agreed to talk. Esther simply asked for a banquet, with Haman as guest. This went ahead, and the King again asked what was required. Esther asks for a second banquet ....

[IN]: What shared experiences has God brought you through with others?

Challenge: Let God fight for you

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Stories of Grace: Esther - The Beginning

The commander called for all young women who had not been with a man to line up in the town square. This was no surprise - the royal proclamation had already gone out that the King sought a new Queen. The girls lined up dutifully and the commander took his pick. Eventually a few were sent off to the Royal Palace. The parents feared for their safety, among them Mordecai who had cared for Esther since her parents had died in her childhood. She too was taken to the palace.

[UP] Do you quietly trust in God's sovereignty for our nation

Challenge: Pray not for a Christian country, but for God's Kingdom Come

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Baptism Remix - Acts 19:1 - 7

Apollos we are told in the preceding verses was a learned man, well educated and a Jewish believer. Further he could teach about Jesus, and do it with great energy. But it wasn't enough - something was missing, it was not all God intended. Priscilla & Aquila saw that he only knew the baptism of John, and had greater things of God to introduce him to. They took him aside and rehearsed afresh the story of Jesus.