Sunday, 23 July 2017

Stories of Grace - Cornelius - Acts 10

Cornelius is a Roman soldier and a Gentile. Jewish people kept their distance from Gentiles, maintaining separation between clean and unclean. Yet Cornelius was searching for God, and he both prayed and gave to the poor.

[OUT] Is there any area where the Lord would want to shake up our views?

Challenge: Be open to God doing completely new things

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Stories of Grace: Esther - The conclusion

The evil Haman despised Mordecai and all the Jews. He got the King to declare a day on which the Jews should be attacked across the whole empire - he wanted them all dead, he wanted ethnic cleansing. Mordecai, Queen Esther and Jews fasted and prayed - would Esther be able to petition the King? The day came and the King agreed to talk. Esther simply asked for a banquet, with Haman as guest. This went ahead, and the King again asked what was required. Esther asks for a second banquet ....

[IN]: What shared experiences has God brought you through with others?

Challenge: Let God fight for you