Sunday, 28 January 2018

Capacity - Releasing and Empowering - Ephesians 4:1 - 16

God with us! Jesus physically ministered - touching the leper, healing the sick, declaring the Kingdom, forgiving and releasing people, drawing them together and calling them to follow Him. His ministry led him to the cross, but death could not hold him - he rose again and was alive, victorious. Yet then came that moment where he would no longer be physically present, he would take his right and proper place in the seat of God.

With that moment came a question: How would the Kingdom ministry that was still needed in so many people continue if Jesus was no longer physically present?

[IN] What has Jesus put in you to benefit the whole body?

Challenge: Ask friends for feedback in terms of A-P-E-S-T

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Capacity - Corporate - 1 Corinthians 14:22 - 25

This week we are homing in on a snippet of Paul's writing that it is actually part of a much longer thought process (from chapter 12), about the work of the Spirit among the people. A key thing he re-iterates is the Spirit working among the whole people for the whole people. In chapter 14 there is a focus on the church gathered, and therefore the Spirit working among us in our meetings.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Capacity - Individual: Acts 18

God has come to us! That is what Christmas was all about. With His coming in Jesus also comes His Kingdom, and Jesus straight away started announcing that. His Kingdom coming changes things - as it brushes against people those lives change. As a church we want to see Kingdom life across the city - we want to see the changes that it brings! For that we are a church in mission in this city - walking with Jesus together applying ourselves to the Kingdom task.

[UP] Where is God leading you to go deeper with Him?

Challenge: Make one clear positive adjustment as you start 2018