Sunday, 24 November 2019

God-ward Steps - Joshua 3 - 5

Circa 3,000 years ago Joshua was told 'Be strong and courageous' for he will lead the whole Israelite people into the land God promised. Yet to do that they must first cross a river - a river that is in flood! The logical step of course is to go up to the river, which is what the people do - you can't cross an obstacle without first going up to it!

[UP] Are you okay with doing faith one step at a time?

Challenge: Pray with someone for just the next step

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Commissioning Joshua - Joshua 1:1 - 11

For Joshua the moment had come! He can now look back and realise his whole life was gearing up for this moment. After 4 decades of seeing Moses (as his mentor) commune closely with God, of seeing God speak to the whole people, and seeing God provide and inspire for them all ... the time is finally here. Joshua is called to step up and lead the new people, for them to be a new nation, worshipping and honouring God in a land newly given to them.

[OUT] Where is God calling you to lead courageously?

Challenge: Drop in a spiritual anecdote