Sunday, 22 September 2013

Poles Apart Luke 16:19 - 31 Part II

The continuation of the story begs for a warning to be sent. Of course Jesus is actually warning his hearers by telling this story. The deal is already spelled out in the Law and Prophets - which we spent the whole earlier part of the year getting to grips with. So if we haven't twigged it yet, will we ever?

But note the interesting twist: the request to send someone back from the dead - to allow God's bigger picture to somehow break into the present.

That's exactly what happens in the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

God's right way up becomes visible through Jesus, with the ultimate and powerful good news story. God's purpose for us is to live in that same resurrection power.

Now we are finite and limited, so we will struggle. Yet having glimpsed the good news we will be restless with the gospel, longing to see the power manifested and situations put right. That is what we work for, even amongst setbacks and frustrations.

Yet sadly even with the resurrection, some peope just can't seem to see it. I wonder if a symptom of not breathing is blindness: not able to see the plight of the poor, not able to see that a change of heart is called for.

Hence the key question this week:

[OUT] Restless with the gospel … or blind?

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