Sunday, 6 October 2013

Found out in the end - Matthew 24:36 to 25:46 (second part)

God has made us human beings, not human doings! Yet who we are is seen through what we do. The same is true of God - we know of Him through what He does. Our faith is solid and certain by what Jesus has done: 'Jesus has died for me' - died is a verb, a 'doing' word!

The point is that it is because of the love of God we have our being, and that is the basis of our doing. The museum is not the place for people to discover the wonders of God, but out there in the mix of life where our faith is worked out in practice.

Jesus called us to live out our faith. Same deal of every Christian, no exceptions.

We are loved by God ... so we too are loving.

We are born anew into God's image ... so we bear His image through what we do.

Yes we are saved by faith in Christ, the Christ who wants every person to live in fulfilment and dignity, no one excluded, no matter how outcast or down and out, beyond the pale. This Christ is the one we have faith in, believing this inclusion applies to us, and trusting God for it to be applied to others as well. Based on this we are called to be faithful and act accordingly.

We all have a purpose, a calling, to work out "the master's instructions" as they apply to us in our situation. That works at individual, group and whole church level - hence the current exercises in small groups to tease out the purpose each group has. We all need to occasionally take stock, whether we are 10, 5 or 1 talent type people. In our groups lets not allow those gifts to remain buried.

As Christians we need feeding: nourishment, teaching, worship, private prayer and Bible reading (if your diet lacks any of those then sort it!).

But when we physically eat note what happens to the food. Some comes out as waste, and some becomes nourishment to simply sustain our bodies. Alot gets turned into energy ... which is necessary for doing. If we don't exercise we of course get fat!

It is by exercising that we become stronger, more confident ... more able to serve, able to show a return on investment.

So have faith ... and put it into action.

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