Sunday, 12 January 2014

Get Up Close - Luke 2:22-40

We don't do waiting very well in our culture. Everything tells us things can be instant, guaranteed next day delivery and so on. Yet in real life there are things we must wait for. Perhaps a healing, a breakthrough, a job, the right partner ...

In the temple courts Simeon was waiting - he had a desire to see Israel restored, he longed for God's promises of restoration to come true. In short he just wanted to see the promised God-sent person.

He learnt to worship as he waited, and in his waiting God placed the Holy Spirit on him which assured him that his wait would be worth it. And indeed it was! He sees the baby and immediately starts telling everyone. Now he is content, fulfilled, in peace. Just a glimpse of the baby Jesus is enough! He sees that this Jesus is salvation, not just for Israel but the whole world - God has gone global. Telling others comes naturally when you have seen Jesus.

So let us seek to worship, making it our thing - looking for God, waiting on Him to change circumstances and lives. As we wait lets us learn how to worship along the way, and allow His Spirit to rest on us to assure us of what God will do. In short, let us desire to see Jesus. This is a good discipline for all of us. By celebrating and sharing when we see Him even in the small things, and being open to times when we simply gaze and wonder, we learn to make it a whole life exercise: all of us for all of Him.

Anna in the temple courts had the same discipline of waiting and worshipping. Her waiting lasted decades, but again the glimpse of the baby was all it took to set her off telling anyone in ear-shot of God's saving plans. As we gaze and wonder we can expect to be sent out: seeking to serve. We can't assume people will always come to us ... so let us follow Jesus and go out to them, ultimately taking God-given life all across the city.

What are you waiting for in your own life. Make waiting on God your own deal, learn to worship as you do so, allow the Spirit to rest on you and bring assurance.

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