Sunday, 9 February 2014

Retreat! Luke 6:12

We know deep down that the most important thing we can give our children is our time and focussed attention - communicating to them that we love them because.

Of course distractions cram in and threaten to undermine our ability to give this attention and love. Ironically it is the same deal with our relationship with God - yet in this case it is again us who are distracted, with a myriad of things crowding in stopping us from simply 'being' and receiving the love that God our Father longs to pour into our lives.

Jesus prioritised time spent with the Father, deliberately withdrawing to pray. See in Luke how many times this happens, see how most precede a major new phase of ministry. Shouldn't we take a hint for our own lives? Hence the key question:

[OUT] Does my living for God out in the world flow from resting in Him?

Rather than giving God the answers, or doing some kind of super-broadband upload of info that we call prayer, maybe God just wants us to allow Him to gaze on us, to quietly let us know that He is in control, that He loves us because.

Getting this right is crucial. Thats why in our strategic thinking about corporate prayer we talk about rhythm and diet so much. Thats why key groups in the church are invited to hold a prayer retreat once a term.

The ministry of Jesus flowed from his relationship with the Father. It can only be the same for us. Anything else degenerates to our works, or leaves us burnt out. If we are to sustain reaching out, if to reach further or deeper we must return to Him to receive afresh. There are different practices, resources and ways of doing this [4 examples were given in the Sunday service]. But the bottom line is that it is down to each of us to make it happen.

What practice of being still before God will you give a try going forward, so that you can gear things to work and minister flowing from your rest in Him.

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