Sunday, 18 October 2015

Living Parables - 1 Thess 2:1 - 13

Paul, once a follower of Jesus, became a man who worked hard and went out of his way to work alongside people, telling them about Jesus. Despite opposition and insult, he continued his work. He didn't simply try to please people, but shared his life in order to talk about Jesus. He didn't give up, but carried on so that his whole life became a story of God's grace - the ability to live life to help other people discover God.

Mother Theresa felt called to serve the poor in India, and went to live there in a convent. Yet she heard God speak more, calling her to live among them, in a poor slum part of India. She spent her whole life there, working among the poor. Her life became a story of God's grace poured out.

Dietrich Bonhoffer was a German pastor in South London. Leading into the war he realised that his native country men were taking bad actions yet the home church was largely silent. He intentionally moved back to Germany to speak out for Jesus and His ways there. He was arrested and killed just before the end of the way - a life story of God at work.

Jackie Pullinger felt called to tell people about Jesus, but many mission agencies disagreed. Still feeling called she got on a boat and ended up in Hong Kong. Working among the poorest and most desperate in the city, she prayed in the name of Jesus for people to be released from all kinds of addictions and hurt, and saw God marvellously heal. She is still there today, among the poorest, a life story of God's grace poured out.

What will be the story of your life? Do you want your life to tell a story of God's grace? Will your life in itself talk Jesus? Maybe we won't all be like Mother Theresa etc., but we can still discover God's calling on our lives, and live a story of God's grace ... becoming like many others Living Parables.

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