Sunday, 23 March 2014

Discipleship Rebooted - Luke 10:1-24 - Part 3

As in Luke 9 Jesus sends the disciples out to proclaim the Kingdom and heal the sick. They go and get on with it, learning as they go!

In Seeking to Worship, Seeking to Serve we want to take the same Kingdom life across the city.

[UP] For that task we will need ourselves a deeper experience of God, learning to see where God is working, sharing and celebrating that. Occasionally God will stop us in our tracks, so all we can do is gaze on Him.

[OUT] To reach out across the city we will take specific steps to go out there. As we do so we will likely have to learn as we go at all kinds of levels, from nuts and bolts of details like hall hire to how we organise ourselves as a church to facilitate such activity. We need Jesus to lead us in faith, seeing what God is up to and our role in it.

[IN] Yet we will do this together, because God has called us to journey together. How we look after each other, how we gather together to worship, how we collectively resource ourselves are all important factors.

Our five strategic areas (prayer, worship, learning, modelling community and community impact) all have areas of development to support us on this journey. Many are like basic building blocks to develop a discipleship that hopefully can sustain a walk with God that embraces an ever-widening sphere of mission activity.

To reach out across the city it is critical we pay attention to our own personal walk with Jesus. Good rhythms and diet are essential. A desire to learn, especially as we go becomes indispensable. Fuelled by the generosity of God we want nothing less than to imitate Christ ... so that others can imitate us.

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