Sunday, 25 May 2014

Love - 1 Cor 13

The way of Christ is the way of love, and is the 'most excellent way'. It lays down human strength and power. It waits for God to raise up.

Human strength will bash its way through, drawing attention to itself, boasting and being proud. It will pick on weaknesses, re-surfacing past incidents in the other and capitalising on opportunity to do the other down. It will quickly and easily flare up, horns ready to be locked in combat.

Even apparently helping and serving others can carry these traits of human strength, undermining the very thing being offered. With such traits operating underneath the way of love is not seen.

Yet with all our pretence laid down, with kindness patiently holding out for the best in others, looking for truth, hoping and persevering for what surely 'can be' with God, the way of love becomes visible. God and the love that He had for the world that caused Him to come down, to die, to be raised to new life, is brought into view through our own actions.

This way of love is the most excellent way. It does not fail.

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