Sunday, 1 June 2014

Spiritual Gifts I - 1 Cor 12:4 - 14

New life in Christ for every Christian is a Spirit-animated life. It is no longer just a biochemical reaction, no longer just to consume. It is filled with God given purpose, and God given enabling and ability to strive towards that purpose.

The important words are often the little words. In Paul's letter it is quite clear that each one has a part to play. The Spirit gifting is not just for a select few or for some keenies, but for every believer. The parts will of course be different, and operate to varying degrees, but all have a role nonetheless.

The other important phrase in this passage is for the common good. The Spirit enables for God's purposes that build up everyone and reach out. As a church we want to take this God given life out across the city - God will do this by His Spirit working in each and every one of us.

You may feel God cannot possibly work through them, perhaps looking at how you have messed up so much in the past. Yet it is not about you, nor your mess. God has already come down in Jesus Christ to put that right, allowing the people of the day to consume and discard him, but in so doing setting down life as we know it. God raised this Jesus to new life: a Spirit-animated life which we can all now participate in.

Our past mistakes, the brokenness and fractures that result from them are all taken on that same cross. If we are prepared to let him, that old way of life can be washed away, drowned, lost for good. It is replaced by new life, with the Spirit working in us, giving us a whole new perspective, a purpose. Not just for us to feel better about ourselves, but to help restore a hurting world.

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